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  All Brands of Laptop Service Available

Why Laptop store - Laptop store is the best service provider in Chennai who repair just about everything. Best service is always determined by the durability of service provided and the performance of the gadget post service. We at Laptop store make sure that once we do service maintenance on any gadget , the durability and functionality is not at all compromised. We believe in optimum returns for the customer for the money he spends.

Highly qualified technicians - Laptop Store perhaps has the best wing of Technicians who have mastered themselves in the service fields with utmost experience and knowledge on computers and its accessories. All brands of laptops which stands for its own high standards for its offering always makes sure that the service provided is also of high standard Use of modern technology - We offer high level technological treatment on your gadget to make sure the quality standards of the product is not at all compromised. BGA machine, Optical alignment machine and BGA oven which are of high standards are installed at all workstation to ensure the best treatment for the best product.


  • Acer
  • Apple
  • Asus
  • Dell
  • Hp
  • Hp
  • Lenovo
  • Samsung
  • Sony
  • Toshiba

Chip level expertise : We are always proud to call ourselves as the experts of chip level servicing; we perform all tasks at chip level. We dig to the core micro component level and get issues where no one else can even work on. Laptop or desktop or mobile – we are the experts on everything.

Reworking : Replacements are always costlier and we understand that, we look for all opportunities rework the existing spare/component to ensure cost effectiveness and also ensure quality is not compromised.

Hardware maintenances : All hardware related queries are handled like General service, speakers, screens, ram, HDD/SSD, wifi, SMPS,Mouse, Bluetooth, camera etc.

Software maintenances : Installation of OS/Dual OS,Softwares, up gradation, down gradation, Drivers installation, Outlook configuration, all old and new softwares from Autocad,photoshop,Java……etc.

Product that we take care of:

  • Laptops- All laptops of hp brand with any spec or model will be covered
  • Desktops- Consumer and commercial desktops
  • Tablets- All variations of Hp tablets

Services we offer:

  • Software and hardware upgradation
  • Reworking of broken/damages spares
  • Replacement of new spares
  • Chip level service at micro component level
  • Water damaged repairing
  • Technical assistance
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➜  24/7 voice support.

➜  Service centres across Hyderabad.

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